Solutions for Hand Washing  


 Washing is recommended every 1 to 2 years, depending on the location and the amount of traffic on the rug. Our rug cleaning is distinguished by an extraordinary amount of care and attention. A handmade rug is a purchase of a lifetime and when properly maintained, will last for generations.

After one or more years, there is so much behind the surface of your rug. As we walk in our house we carry sand, dirt and grit with our shoes. These particles, after being brushes by our rug, accumulate inside the rug pile. By walking on the rug, layer after layer of these deposits get compacted near the foundation of the rug. The more time that passes, without cleaning the rug, the thicker these layers become and the more challenging it is to clean. This process, of removing the particles, is very time consuming but necessary!

Then, it is time to spot the stains and find out their origin. We treat each stain based on its source, and clean them suitably. Shampoo the rug and extract the dissolved grease, soot and other kinds of dirt is the next phase in the process. The remaining step, before customer pick-up, is drying and one final vacuuming.

All of the above mentioned procedures are done by hand and we apply it to one rug at a time.

We pride ourselves in our cleaning of Oriental Rug!



Rug Repair

  • Salvage fringe, reapply and fix fringe, or apply new fringe

  • We reweave holes or thread barren areas by replacing the pile

  • Rug fragments can be restored to its original glory

  • We also repair the side binding


We install Runners!

We install Runners!


We offer professional stair runner installation for staircases with curves, landings and of course straight stairs. Decorative stair rods are available in wrought iron, brass, pewter, and chrome with brushed, antique and other finishes. All of which can also can be installed by one of our professionals.


Other Services:

Appraisals -

We offer hand written appraisals for Insurance claims and personal records

Rug Padding -

We offer and sell high quality padding that protects your rug and your flooring


At Seacoast Rug and Home we are happy to

help you with any rug solutions!