History of rugs..


Once upon a time in a distant land, the people of a region used to live in a land which a large portion of it was a hot arid desert. Traveling and doing commerce, was such a difficult task crossing through this desert. Every night they wanted to retire and came up with the idea of a throw on the ground to remind them of beautiful features of the nature. 

They designed a throw (rug) with flowers, animals, people, scenery, fruits, etc. Later they added nice colors to these features. Blue to remind them of the ocean, rivers, creeks, and green and red and the rest to make visualize gardens, orchards, sun and warmth of their home.

We can elaborate a little bit more on what symbolizes water, sun, orchards, animals, and the people. Water for relaxation. Sun for warmth and light. Orchards for fresh fruit and vegetables. Animals for warm food and the people for family and friends. We can go on but we do not want to distract people from what they are looking for.

What makes a rug a good buy? There are so many different types of rugs in the market today. Like any other product if you choose Superior Quality parts to put it together then you have an excellent product which lasts longer and because of the quality everybody getting attracted to it and make it more valuable. So a hand knotted wool or silk rug made with good quality materials and used master weavers to finish it is the best buy. Quality of this kind of a rug makes it to last longer and transforms much more beautifully and makes it more desirable. So as demand increases for it, the value increases. That's how a good quality rug is a wise investment and it's value always increases.